Dani is an Award-Winning film composer and record producer, born in Venice, Italy. After studying composition, orchestration and sound engineering in Italy and France, he moved to the United States in 1988 to pursue his true passion, music, and what a ride it’s been! Dani creates original scores for Feature Films, TV shows, stage shows, musicals and multimedia. He works closely with filmmakers from Florida, New York, Los Angeles and Rome. Dani composes scores that range from lush orchestrated soundscapes with live orchestra and choirs in the most traditional custom, to high-energy contemporary electronic soundtracks. His forte is to fully understand the vision of the filmmaker in order to define the true feeling of the scene, and ultimately reveal the emotional taste of the picture. His ability to mesh his original tailored music to the picture in order to enlist the audience has been recognized and appeals to the industry professionals. As of today, he has already received three Telly Awards and one Aurora Award for Best Musical Score and Best Song in 2007. Among other projects, Dani has composed, arranged and orchestrated the score for several animations, including Twin Treasures, Zandora, Defending Camelot, Cereal, The Sailors Swing and recently the award-winning animation short "Once Upon a Christmas Village" for Dream Balloon Productions, Inc. He has worked for the Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios as a musical artist and has composed the internationally acclaimed CD collection “Relaxing With Nature” (Madacy Records, Canada), as well as the score for several feature films: “Cassadaga”, “Turning Back”, “Two Days”, “Missionary” and the TV show “Game On” for the Disney Channel - Europe. Dani has founded Donadi Music Productions, located in the backlot at Universal Studios Orlando, FL and just opened a brand new studio to satisfy the increasing demand for his talents. The new facility features top of the art sound and recording technology any music professional expert would expect.


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